How to look expensive on a shoestring

What is unique about you?- asked us the tutor and at first, nothing came to mind. We were on a subject of niches and unique selling points and everything that makes you stand out in the crowd.

What was my thing? I honestly couldn’t answer.

But then I remember what I was really, really good at. You know what? I can make you look expensive on a shoestring.




During my poorest years when I was training for the job and studying at the same time, 80% of my clothes were from charity shops. The other 20% I had made to measure. One day my bosses secretary told me that I always looked so expensive. It kind of stuck in my head.  I remember that day I wearing a taupe skirt I bought in a charity shop, a cream woollen t-shirt from Zara, which kind of looked like cashmere (and was part of the twin set) and cream heels.  Everything I wore that day, maybe except for the shoes, had cost me less than her lunch.

Maybe it’s my eye for colour, ability to spot a particular shade that looks luxurious and chic or the way I can spot tiny differences which separate sharp from frumpy. Either way I want my line to look expensive but be affordable. I hope with right fabric sourcing I can achieve that.

*Image via Pinterest

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