Transition period

What are you going to with all that time off? -asked my friend when I emailed her that I fractured my ankle. I was going to be at home for the next three weeks.

I felt like she read my mind when she said that she believes that this happens when our bodies need break.  For a couple of weeks before the accident I kept thinks- what if I was ill for a bit? I need a break…And than this happened.  Does it sound awful, wishing to be ill? There are so many people who really, truly are unwell. Yet, I couldn’t help but think it.


I’d love to think I’m in a transition period. Didn’t Susan Miller just told me so?  Dear Aquarian, February will be a great months, you’ll love it! Yet, what changes I can expect? Exactly…unless I go out and make them myself, it’s not like a fairly godmother is going to come and grant me my wish.

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